Harlows keep a comprehensive stock of imported and homegrown softwood sections suitable for constructional use.

Our extensive stock-holding ensures that we are able to keep an almost unrivalled specification to meet all applications be they roof timbers, joists, studwork or formwork.
Our in-house grading, treatment and machining facilities enables us to be able to deal with the most unusual requirements. If we don't stock it, we can make it.


   We can offer:


Strength Grading:
The majority of our carcassing timbers are tested and graded for their strength properties to ensure it is suitable for its end use which could be for floor joist to roofing timbers. Much of our stock is pre-graded however we have a team of expert graders who can visually grade timber to C16 or C24 for imported timbers and C14 or C18 for homegrown timbers.

Kiln Dried:
All of our structurally graded timbers are supplied as kiln dried to a moisture content of 20% or less in line with building regulations. This process offers several benefits including: greater strength, better machining, reduced susceptibility to mould or fungi and less shrinkage and distortion.

Unseasoned Carcassing:
Not kiln dried usually because it is available in much larger section sizes. It is typically used where its moisture content is not a concern for example in fencing or landscaping.

Machined carcassing:
We can also offer machined regularised timbers with smooth and uniform dimensions. Usually kiln dried and C16 strength graded these timbers can be offered as Eased Edge or CLS. With our mill facilities we can also regularise larger section timbers and grade them to C24 if required.