We have a comprehensive range of plywood’s to suit all applications from softwood structural boards to Marine plywood. All of which are CE marked and comply with the construction products directive.
Typical uses for certain plywood’s

Hardwood Plywood is a good solid, versatile, smooth faced (paintable) hardwood plywood with many uses in the construction environment.  End uses include Sofit & Facia board, constrcuction, flooring, roofing.

  •     Hardwood
  •     Paintable
  •     Exterior use
  •     Smooth face
  •     WBP
  •     Versatile constructional plywood
  •     Available in Marine grade


Birch Plywood is a high quality smooth faced plywood. End uses include joinery, furniture, interior design and construction.

  •     Pattern Making
  •     Forming
  •     Furniture
  •     Models
  •     Exterior Use
  •     PEFC Certified
  •     Versatile, high quality face, decorative plywood


Finnish Spruce plywood is a light weight structural grade softwood plywood (BS5268). End uses include building, roofing, packaging, joinery, and formwork.

  •     Structural Plywood (BS5268)
  •     Softwood
  •     Cost effective
  •     Lightweight
  •     Exterior Use
  •     PEFC Certified


These are some of the most commonly used plywood in the construction environment.

We also carry:

  •     Phenolyc concrete forming plywood
  •     Elliotis Pine Plywood (Structural, FSC certified)
  •     Oak Veneered Plywood
  •     Pine veneered Plywood
  •     Sapele Veneered Plywood


If you have a more specific request, something a little out of the ordinary or require pack quantities our experience, friendly sales team are on hand to give advice and our best possible price. Contact Us.