Timber Machining

Having invested consistently for over 60 years in our mills we have the capacity to provide a complete machining service. With several six head moulders, band saws, cross cut saws and spindle moulders at our disposal we have the ability to regularise carcassing, produce bespoke Door Casing/Linings, Skirtings, Architraves, A machine & match profiling service – we will match any profile you give us or machine brand new designs.


  • Planing

  • Finger Jointing

  • Flat Sawing

  • Regularising

  • Deep Sawing

  • Cross Cutting

  • Bespoke Moulding/Skirtings

  • Bespoke Door Casings/Linings

  • Morticing

  • Trenching

  • Post Notching

  • Weather Topping for posts

  • Bespoke Fencing pales

  • Pre-drilled Holes